Friday, 14 November 2014

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 5

Well today is the 5th and last day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days. Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Sue Stringer.

Well another day in the desert and how appropriate is this first photo? It reeks of all things hot and dry and sandy, but not a camel in sight!  This old palm has been around for quite a while, and whilst there was heaps of bright light shining down, the shades in the B&W photo are quite effective.  A couple of different angles change the lighting considerably, and I really like both views.

Old mate Cobba might look like he's been confined to desert detention, but he's pretty happy there guarding his abode and those in it.  Now putting on a few years the Ol' Fella is filling out, greying up, and most considerate of the Little Fart in his territory.

A little rustic, a little cottage, and the last two photos are well suited to the adornment of weatherboards.  Fully in character, the old lantern is clearly missing a few bits but still manages to give the feel of a working light with the suns rays setting a background shadow.  Diffusing the foreground of this shot is a spray of lavendar.

Moving along the weatherboards just a little, we have our gorgeous little concrete figurine nestled into the centre of a small topiary tree, and surrounded by a sway of cottage foliage.  The B&W photo of this image has much more character for me, looking perhaps a little more aged and serene.  An interesting contrast of images from the desert.

So here is my upload for Day 5.

With the Photo Challenge now over, I think I've found my Clickity Click again.  It's interesting how you can see so much more when you're put to a challenge like this.  The things I've seen in such a small proximity of each other, and the diversity of the subjects has enlightened me a little.  I'm sure I'll be doing more posts soon.
Clickity Click - Happy Days

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 4

Well today is the 4th day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days. Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Marcella Dondio Wyatt  

Well we arrived at the desert after a very colourful drive up the highway, passing many Hot Rods & Street Machines heading to Bright.  What a sight, heaps of great old cars too.  The Little Fart's Old Fart would have been in his element sitting back and watching them all go by.  Obviously she didn't have to do any running, although I did wonder if she wasn't a tad distressed as we headed in an unfamiliar direction to that she was used to.

Well, with another day of the Photo Challenge clicking over it was time to peruse suitable objects for the daily post.  Whilst considerably smaller than a Magpie, I did notice out of the corner of my eye a darting shadow sweeping the Little Fart from above.  A closer inspection proved a diving family of Willy Willy's distracting the Little Fart from any ideas of climbing the 20' gum tree up to their nested babies.  And they were a long way up!  The Little Fart trotted off happily to explore, whilst the feathered family kept their eyes on me, keeping an eye on them.  A tad difficult I might add with them all the way up that huge gum tree.  So, with trusty clicker balanced by it's neck strap above my head, I swayed as I imagined being on the bow of a ship, tossing gently in the sea as I tried to focus thy trusty clicker whilst keeping her steady.  A hearty feat as I managed but a few, and settled onto greener subjects.  And purple-ish ones too.

I figured these would be easier, but the zoom kept teasing me with fuzzy focus, and I was not being terribly impressed!  It was a beautiful sunny day, plenty of blue skies above and I was working up a sweat.  I loved the colour contrast, and the difference in the petal colours when the light direction changed.  Feeling I needed to add more choice I wandered over to the vegie garden with it's rustic and former front yard gate.  Ah, just perfect.  Rustic says it all, and I was really happy with this shot.  Look on and see what you think.

So here is my upload for Day 4.

Clickity Click - Happy Days!

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 3

Well today is the 3rd day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days.  Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Hannah Watt.
I happened to be driving to the desert to take the Little Fart on a long awaited holiday, when I came upon this across a paddock.  It was a warm day, there was a dam in front of the tree, the bottom half of the tree bushy and alive, and the top half sprouted out with bare dead branches.  And in these branches were all these birds, perhaps Ibises or something Storky??  Anyway, the Little Fart thought her holiday was going to be very short lived and she was in for some excessive exercise chasing the Six up the highway, but then I pulled out the camera!  This was such a great sight, but even before I got to the tree I spotted some Starlings sittings on a barbed wire fence in front of the dam.  There wasn't much time to think about that, I barely managed to set the focus before they flew off.  But hey, I got plenty of the preening little feathered friends, so how good was that?  Check these out, the first one is the one I have uploaded into the challenge.
So here is my upload for Day 3

Clickity Click - Happy Days!

Friday, 7 November 2014

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 2

Well today is the 2nd day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days.  Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Stacie Sinclair.
So here is my upload for Day 2.
I went down to the creek with the Little Fart to get a few photos, and found a pine tree on the bank.  It had lots of cones not yet opened, and some well spent.  The breeze was nothing like yesterday, so no problems there.  I played for a bit, and upon editing the youngest youngling said this one and three others were the best ones to upload....................... But I only need ONE!  Ok, whatever!  So, here it is, nicely detailed with plenty of back light, sharp needles behind and even some little spider webs on the front.  Only one photo I needed, but who can stop at one?  Therefore, check these little beauties out.
Single Pinecone
The Old Steam Machine
Pinecone Different Angle
Barking Up Gums...
 Barking Closer...
Creeky Weeds
The Little Fart
All these were taken just down the road, and I find it interesting that the park can become so much more when you look at it this way.  I am really loving taking photos again.  And I must say, the Little Fart was well and truly knackered after trekking up and down the bank to the creek, then attempting to chase the wood duck, who wouldn't have a bar of it............ bad pun, sorry!
Needless to say, she hit the sack a little earlier than usual.

I'm off to the desert tomorrow to visit them there desert dwellers, so who knows what kind of photos I'll have to share.  I do have to pass the Hot Rod Show, so there's every chance something shiny and red will end up black & white!  Until they hey..

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Long Time Gone...

Well it's been a while since I managed to get a post up, so tonight I thought I'd make (another) start.  Lots have happened in the (OMG - years) since I last posted, but for now I'll just get some posts up, then I'll update later.

One of my good scrappin' friends has been playing with her camera (a lot more than me) of late, and decided to give me a swift kick into today with a Photo Challenge.  "Oh Heck!" I thought, I haven't clicked for ages.  So, to be involved you must take a photo a day for five days, in B&W or converted to such, upload it to (the Challenge site), and nominate someone to join in for 5 days - IF they want to.  I am not a part of the group, so I'm putting mine up on my "In Your Face" page, and here.  I will try to nominate five people, but it will be more of a challenge to actually get the photos.

Alas, I ventured forth in the trusty Six, packing a fully charged camera, and the Little Fart.  Whilst we ventured forth to farming lands far across the paddocks, with the trusty Little Fart at my side (by my side, right behind me, somewhere, over there, up ahead of me, across the paddock, in the chook house (she wasn't really in the chook house Frankie...), I searched for suitable subjects.  I got just down the drive when I spotted the lovliest spider web, and off I went.  So, whilst I have been thinking about what to take, I ended up with a months worth of photos, for which I can only use ONE today.  Then I have to start again...  Did I have fun?  Oh my wordy, lordy yes I did!

Now how do I convert?  Thy trusty keyboard ran a marathon of strokes as we searched and played, and finally got it done.  I'm sure I could have done a better job, used better light, moved the trucks with my mind, frozen the bees in mid air, but that would only be showing off and I was way too busy dodging flying Little Farts zipping through the long grass around my feet.

For Day 1 I have nominated Tahnee Benson.
My photo is of a bee collecting pollen from a PINK Bottlebrush.  I don't think I can remember ever seeing a pink one before, which was amongst some red bushes, and it looked awesome.
Whilst I love the simplicity of this photo, and was most appreciative of the bee keeping still and the wind not blowing it off the bush, you have to see the colour one!
These are some of the other B&W photos that I took, and I will use these to scrap and for some other projects.  There'll be no double dipping now!

So that's me for Day 1. With a bit of luck I'll have more to share over the next four days!