Monday, 10 February 2014

Welcome Back!!

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?  My poor Blog has been abandoned all this time - all work and NO play.......  I guess a lot has happened since I opened the shop, least of all the extra grey hairs under my fab new colours!  I only ever had one grey hair, and I attributed that to the Blokey Man!, seemed appropriate.  Well, lets see if I can give you a "reasonably quick" update, maybe using my labels as a helping hand..........

Youngling #1 left school to take on an apprenticeship in Commercial Cookery, focusing on the pastry side of things.  This meant lots of weekend work and he had to give away the soccer, which was a sad thing.  He did manage to get his motorbike license, and ventured forth to work each day on the Blokey Man's thumping black "Dinosaur" - which he's had forever!  Acquired with the profits of labour, the Youngling purchased himself a new Yamaha trailbike ("we're a Yamaha Family mum"... remember?).  A bike to defy face altering speed of light power-banding technology.  Riding that thing is like sitting on a G-string according to the Blokey Man - how he knows that I don't even want to think about!

SO, with the bike comes bonding, blokey bonding, in the bush with 250 other blokes (and the odd shiela according, once again, to the Blokey Man).  Along tracks, through mud, up hills and sideways around bends.  The Youngling's father and pseudo uncle of all things new and shiny in the shed, accompanied the Youngling, and sent him colourful blessings of "just go, we can't keep up with that!!!".  I purposefully left out the colourful bits because I don't have the Blog Authority to use that kinda language ........... anyway, it seemed the only thing stopping the Youngling was running out of fuel.  Ironically the same thing stopped the Blokey Man & Uncle Bling, but their fuel was stored bodily and a tad uncomfortably atop the well restrained throttles of their rides.  Alas, bonding proved most successful, and the grins were full of well embellished stories of the day.

During his time at the Cafe the Youngling has worked with many different people, watching many of them leave to venture onto other things.  With this in mind the young fella has contemplated moving on.  We are yet to see where this will take him, but for the moment he's still kitchen bound.

Youngling #2 has seen 3 Colleges during his senior years, and this year tackles his year 12 studies.  With his choice of career still undetermined I am beginning to wonder if he's using all his spare time to introduce Social Stuff into the curriculum as a career choice!  The social butterfly is well networked amongst his peers, and I'm sure he's grown another 6 inches since I saw him last!  The Blokey Man and his Mother are most nervous about the impending legal coming of age of this fella, now only a couple of months away.  Perhaps the saving grace is that he is still at school,........perhaps.

This year we have a school trip to Italy to look forward to, well for the Youngling at least!  I only wish the Blokey Man was going with him to re-connect with his heritage and become more traveled and worldly.  I just had visions of like that add where she pushes him into the waters of abyss in Tasmania and he comes out like a stud - only this is Italy and if that was going to happen I'd have sat him on a sling shot and sent him years ago!  So, Italy, a partnering role in the THT Festival Queen ball, a bit of basketball, indoor soccer, pre-season soccer already started, volleyball later in the year, clocking up more hours for his licence, and god knows how many more deb balls and 18th's and parties............  this Blog is going to take me a tad longer to finish than previously anticipated - I think I'll have to do it a bit at a time.

Whew, part one down!

stay tuned,

there's more,

.......lots more.