Friday, 7 November 2014

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 2

Well today is the 2nd day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days.  Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Stacie Sinclair.
So here is my upload for Day 2.
I went down to the creek with the Little Fart to get a few photos, and found a pine tree on the bank.  It had lots of cones not yet opened, and some well spent.  The breeze was nothing like yesterday, so no problems there.  I played for a bit, and upon editing the youngest youngling said this one and three others were the best ones to upload....................... But I only need ONE!  Ok, whatever!  So, here it is, nicely detailed with plenty of back light, sharp needles behind and even some little spider webs on the front.  Only one photo I needed, but who can stop at one?  Therefore, check these little beauties out.
Single Pinecone
The Old Steam Machine
Pinecone Different Angle
Barking Up Gums...
 Barking Closer...
Creeky Weeds
The Little Fart
All these were taken just down the road, and I find it interesting that the park can become so much more when you look at it this way.  I am really loving taking photos again.  And I must say, the Little Fart was well and truly knackered after trekking up and down the bank to the creek, then attempting to chase the wood duck, who wouldn't have a bar of it............ bad pun, sorry!
Needless to say, she hit the sack a little earlier than usual.

I'm off to the desert tomorrow to visit them there desert dwellers, so who knows what kind of photos I'll have to share.  I do have to pass the Hot Rod Show, so there's every chance something shiny and red will end up black & white!  Until they hey..

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