Friday, 14 November 2014

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 3

Well today is the 3rd day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days.  Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Hannah Watt.
I happened to be driving to the desert to take the Little Fart on a long awaited holiday, when I came upon this across a paddock.  It was a warm day, there was a dam in front of the tree, the bottom half of the tree bushy and alive, and the top half sprouted out with bare dead branches.  And in these branches were all these birds, perhaps Ibises or something Storky??  Anyway, the Little Fart thought her holiday was going to be very short lived and she was in for some excessive exercise chasing the Six up the highway, but then I pulled out the camera!  This was such a great sight, but even before I got to the tree I spotted some Starlings sittings on a barbed wire fence in front of the dam.  There wasn't much time to think about that, I barely managed to set the focus before they flew off.  But hey, I got plenty of the preening little feathered friends, so how good was that?  Check these out, the first one is the one I have uploaded into the challenge.
So here is my upload for Day 3

Clickity Click - Happy Days!

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