Sunday, 14 May 2017

2016 in short

It seems I've been a little behind the times......................

Well here we go, attempting to reactivate my blog!  What has happened so far this year?  Let me perhaps attack it in point form, we'll see how that goes!

  • I have now been working in the cafe as a waitress for 16 months.  Things have not changed a lot apart from cosmetics, although the business seems to have grown with the tourism and is getting busier.  I have done my barista training at an outside venue, I have also done my RSA.   I do so like the customer service, dealing with people each day, but it has it's moments..... 

  • Number 1 son completed his epic first overseas trip earlier this year, exploring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  Accompanied by Ash and a couple of her friends, by all accounts he had a wonderful time and is destined to travel again.  I look forward to hearing about it two weeks before he leaves...
  • Number 2 son headed off to University in Melbourne in 2015 to study Italian and International Studies.  He got through the first year ok, but will be exiting Uni this month.  Re-locating back home, he will go back into the workforce until he decides what to do in the future.
  • But first, he will be going over to Italy with the Trentini for 3 weeks, then spending another week in Rome with his host family.  He is excited to be going back to Italy, after first going over with school in year 12 and loving it.
  • At the start of Feb this year we lost Oscar, my Ragdoll xPersian cat, affectionately known as "Croissant".  We was such a loving and affectionate soul with such a presence, and I miss him so much.  He always came to me for cuddles.
  • And whilst on the subject of furry family members, the old boy is really getting on now. Shady is really filling out, and struggles to get up the back steps.  I worked out taking him up on an angle was easier for him.  And getting up into the back of the Bluebird is a bit of a challenge as he still tries to jump up and won't let you lift him.  Blokey man has to catch him mid-flight and hoist him up.  He is however still very prone to attempting to take out the ozone layer on his own, has incredible reach with his snoring, and extremely talkative whilst upside down on his mat kicking his back legs around.  And a wet nose in the face at 4am in the morning still tells you that he needs to go wees, and I'm not talking about the Blokey Man!
  • His counterpart, the little fart, is still very active for her age, which would be very close to Shady's maybe 14??  She still buries her Goodo's in Shady's bed then tries to keep him off it.  He still walks around the whole bed every time he goes to sit down looking for hidden Goodo's beneath his bedding.  It really is a circus.  And whilst she's now lived here for some time, she's still very passionate about having the last word with those two big boys that seem to put her on edge.
  • The Blokey Man has been loving the trucking life, gone in the dark, home in the dark, loving the life....  And Facebook, lets not forget Facebook, because he'll never be "in your face with that"....  There's nothing quite like the gentle booming of rock'n'roll music at 2am when the truckie loving Blokey Man is preparing for departure with a little "in your face time".  And where would he be without all those cupcake selfies with his other truckie loving mates, what's not to looovvveee about that?  
  • Well, he still needs a social life, so we also have Soccer every Sunday, and isn't that a treat for everyone?  Who would have thought that wearing a Marshall's vest could calm the Italian blood during a battle of blues...because it just doesn't!  Apparently he hates that game, it's so frustrating and they need to shirtfront more.... but his boy played like a champion and he's going to kick a goal.  He is most certainly one of the most entertaining supporters there, and I am very fortunate to have my camera handy so that I can wander the pitch at a distance when he is being extra passionate.
Needless to say there would be no show without this fella either.  I'm sure he walks around the pitch looking for someone every time his phone rings, because you've just gotta, "hey, watch this..."
This dear fellow is the inspirational Mr Aldi, who is more than happy to sit in his little space and hide from me... and offer us his words of wisdom about the game in hand.  It is always good to see Mr Aldi at the games.
  • So Soccer.  Number 1 son has been playing between seconds and seniors, but his passion is with his peers in the twos.  Short of players at the start of the season, they have maintained a good group of players, from the younger fellas showing lots of potential and improvement, to the seniors dropping down or having a run.  Having that consistency in a regular list makes it all come together so much better.  With Number 2 sons playing indoor whilst at Uni, he has now returned to the ranks in the seconds with his brother. Although departing shortly for Italy, he will manage a few games before and when he gets back.  Whilst needing to gain a bit more fitness, nothing could make the return to the pitch sweeter than bagging a goal.  Sweet.

  • And again, with smaller towns struggling for a photo appearance of their chosen codes in the local papers, it's not always going to work.  And then there are so many teams, and a focus on the Senior Men and Senior Women, that not all the teams get represented with photos.  Because I enjoy it, and because I want decent photos to scrap and share, I go along to the games I can make with the intention of getting as many photos of the seconds, so that I can upload them to the club's Facebook page.  At least that way if we don't make the paper the teams will still get a few photos to look at.  And you're always going to get a few funny ones too, and that keeps the page interesting.
  • I've been trying to get a few family catch-ups going this year, just so that we can all keep in touch.  Summer seems to be the best time as we can enjoy the lake, fishing and bbq's. We discovered Nug Nug reserve, which is a great little camping spot.  If we plan ahead we'll better be able to manage out catch-ups, it really is great for everyone.

Now let's see how long it takes to get the next post up!

Friday, 14 November 2014

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 5

Well today is the 5th and last day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days. Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Sue Stringer.

Well another day in the desert and how appropriate is this first photo? It reeks of all things hot and dry and sandy, but not a camel in sight!  This old palm has been around for quite a while, and whilst there was heaps of bright light shining down, the shades in the B&W photo are quite effective.  A couple of different angles change the lighting considerably, and I really like both views.

Old mate Cobba might look like he's been confined to desert detention, but he's pretty happy there guarding his abode and those in it.  Now putting on a few years the Ol' Fella is filling out, greying up, and most considerate of the Little Fart in his territory.

A little rustic, a little cottage, and the last two photos are well suited to the adornment of weatherboards.  Fully in character, the old lantern is clearly missing a few bits but still manages to give the feel of a working light with the suns rays setting a background shadow.  Diffusing the foreground of this shot is a spray of lavendar.

Moving along the weatherboards just a little, we have our gorgeous little concrete figurine nestled into the centre of a small topiary tree, and surrounded by a sway of cottage foliage.  The B&W photo of this image has much more character for me, looking perhaps a little more aged and serene.  An interesting contrast of images from the desert.

So here is my upload for Day 5.

With the Photo Challenge now over, I think I've found my Clickity Click again.  It's interesting how you can see so much more when you're put to a challenge like this.  The things I've seen in such a small proximity of each other, and the diversity of the subjects has enlightened me a little.  I'm sure I'll be doing more posts soon.
Clickity Click - Happy Days

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 4

Well today is the 4th day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days. Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Marcella Dondio Wyatt  

Well we arrived at the desert after a very colourful drive up the highway, passing many Hot Rods & Street Machines heading to Bright.  What a sight, heaps of great old cars too.  The Little Fart's Old Fart would have been in his element sitting back and watching them all go by.  Obviously she didn't have to do any running, although I did wonder if she wasn't a tad distressed as we headed in an unfamiliar direction to that she was used to.

Well, with another day of the Photo Challenge clicking over it was time to peruse suitable objects for the daily post.  Whilst considerably smaller than a Magpie, I did notice out of the corner of my eye a darting shadow sweeping the Little Fart from above.  A closer inspection proved a diving family of Willy Willy's distracting the Little Fart from any ideas of climbing the 20' gum tree up to their nested babies.  And they were a long way up!  The Little Fart trotted off happily to explore, whilst the feathered family kept their eyes on me, keeping an eye on them.  A tad difficult I might add with them all the way up that huge gum tree.  So, with trusty clicker balanced by it's neck strap above my head, I swayed as I imagined being on the bow of a ship, tossing gently in the sea as I tried to focus thy trusty clicker whilst keeping her steady.  A hearty feat as I managed but a few, and settled onto greener subjects.  And purple-ish ones too.

I figured these would be easier, but the zoom kept teasing me with fuzzy focus, and I was not being terribly impressed!  It was a beautiful sunny day, plenty of blue skies above and I was working up a sweat.  I loved the colour contrast, and the difference in the petal colours when the light direction changed.  Feeling I needed to add more choice I wandered over to the vegie garden with it's rustic and former front yard gate.  Ah, just perfect.  Rustic says it all, and I was really happy with this shot.  Look on and see what you think.

So here is my upload for Day 4.

Clickity Click - Happy Days!

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 3

Well today is the 3rd day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days.  Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Hannah Watt.
I happened to be driving to the desert to take the Little Fart on a long awaited holiday, when I came upon this across a paddock.  It was a warm day, there was a dam in front of the tree, the bottom half of the tree bushy and alive, and the top half sprouted out with bare dead branches.  And in these branches were all these birds, perhaps Ibises or something Storky??  Anyway, the Little Fart thought her holiday was going to be very short lived and she was in for some excessive exercise chasing the Six up the highway, but then I pulled out the camera!  This was such a great sight, but even before I got to the tree I spotted some Starlings sittings on a barbed wire fence in front of the dam.  There wasn't much time to think about that, I barely managed to set the focus before they flew off.  But hey, I got plenty of the preening little feathered friends, so how good was that?  Check these out, the first one is the one I have uploaded into the challenge.
So here is my upload for Day 3

Clickity Click - Happy Days!

Friday, 7 November 2014

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 2

Well today is the 2nd day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days.  Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Stacie Sinclair.
So here is my upload for Day 2.
I went down to the creek with the Little Fart to get a few photos, and found a pine tree on the bank.  It had lots of cones not yet opened, and some well spent.  The breeze was nothing like yesterday, so no problems there.  I played for a bit, and upon editing the youngest youngling said this one and three others were the best ones to upload....................... But I only need ONE!  Ok, whatever!  So, here it is, nicely detailed with plenty of back light, sharp needles behind and even some little spider webs on the front.  Only one photo I needed, but who can stop at one?  Therefore, check these little beauties out.
Single Pinecone
The Old Steam Machine
Pinecone Different Angle
Barking Up Gums...
 Barking Closer...
Creeky Weeds
The Little Fart
All these were taken just down the road, and I find it interesting that the park can become so much more when you look at it this way.  I am really loving taking photos again.  And I must say, the Little Fart was well and truly knackered after trekking up and down the bank to the creek, then attempting to chase the wood duck, who wouldn't have a bar of it............ bad pun, sorry!
Needless to say, she hit the sack a little earlier than usual.

I'm off to the desert tomorrow to visit them there desert dwellers, so who knows what kind of photos I'll have to share.  I do have to pass the Hot Rod Show, so there's every chance something shiny and red will end up black & white!  Until they hey..