Sunday, 26 August 2007

August 2007

Hey guys, what a month this has been. At this point the boys have just played their last game of soccer for the season; number one son is out of the finals, and number two son is playing at a joyful 8am in Wodonga next Sunday. What a fantastic start for Father's Day, dad will be rapt... Perhaps a special Father's Day breakfast in Wodonga, or an extended "Brunch" for Brody's 8th birthday at Brown's Block! We'll make the best of it.

Good to see that both boys have come out of their first season here in Myrtleford with a goal under their belt! Certainly made their day, with number one son just missing out on the 2nd goal with an offside call. ($10 spared eh dad??) It was also announced today that the coach of both the boys teams will be moving to Albury next season, they will lose not only a fantastic coach, but both his children who play with the boys. I'm sure that everyone at SSA is going to miss them.

Well, the month started out with an alert to the local fire brigade on the lighting of Mum's birthday candles!! One must be prepared :) Morning kisses and birtday wishes on the breakfast bench saw a sparkling start to the day. It helped that the boys decided to ride their bikes to school, and mum got to have a sleep in!

August also saw the Old Fart given a reprieve from Treatment so that he could overcome his boredom. A one week break turned into three weeks, and Blokey Man shuddered at the mere thought of resumed co-habitation with said Old Fart and Little "yipping" Fart. Relief was soon restored as Old Fart was reunited with his beloved Ford and independence reinforced with the collection of the Little Fart and a quick exit to the nether regions of "home" for a few days. The task at hand for the Old Fart was to do home seeking for when he has finished his treatment.

Given the status of Leo in the universe now in line with the sun, it was due time for another visit to the desert to see Sal. This was totally necessary for all Leo's to experience the coming together of fire and passion (in the form of Sal's Stampin' Up party). Needless to say their was much love and passion brought to the table of creativity, and Sal's cup did runneth over with universal gifts of quotas... I'm so glad we share!! The party was a hoot, and i found much enjoyment putting together the 50th Birthday card for the Bird Woman, who's tin shed party we were to attend shortly.

Alas, desert travel can be a lonely thing and therefore one felt it only appropriate to bring the Water Dog to renew lost friendships with Coba. "What is the longest trip you ever made?" i once heard someone say; one with sick kids or farting dogs!! the kids didn't come right............... Well you've never seen a dog so excited to find a bit of grass! Why else would i be standing outside the car door clapping "good boy!!".

Friendships were soon renewed with canine companions, and unfortunately i may have overlooked the matter of the extra five yippers still remaining... Now this may not have been a problem except for the fact that they yipped and yapped every time they saw the Water Dog. Hmmmmmm if Coba didn't hate the Water Dog it probably would have been a lot quieter in Desert Paradise.......... NOT! duh?? (had to be there..) Bottom line was every time Coba ran after the Water Dog, the yippers ran after the Water Dog yipping and yapping... this may have been a bit of a strain for some people as Coba shadowed the Water Dog, like, all day...

There was occasion to banish the Water Dog to the Studio, where the poor thing had to sit on his blanket in front of the self administered warmth ejector... yes, i did bring my own heater! Whilst this did still the yippers, the universal balance of the Water Dog assuming prime position of the warmth ejector, and thus consuming Studio comfort, was far outweighed by the need for him to experience the crispness of the desert air, and deal with the yippers!.. Ah it's a dog's life!

Mind you, i did submit to a duty of care to the sleeping quarters of the Water Dog, and after removing head butting bleater from the Water Dogs bedding, all was stilled and retired. I did have a quiet chuckle as i removed the blanket to the pew, and the bleater jumped up and sat on it next to the Water Dog......... These desert creatures are a bit territorial!

Life in the desert is never dull, and i was overwhelmed to hear that once the yippers were all relocated to new abodes, the feline drunken bum (Puddin) would be returned home! Six little yippers were a little too much to contend with, so Puddin relocated next door to try her luck with six little toddlers....... they share their food and most don't bite!

Well, back in the humble abode preparations were made to depart for the tin shed 50th. A rainly night ensured, and people were content to sit and chat and catch up. As Bird Woman is a nurse, the Old Fart's DN was also there, along with an old basketball friend of mine. We sat and chatted and laughed most of the night away until everyone's attention was drawn to the heat around the outside fire. A rukus amongst the Brotherhood threatened to unsettle the night for the 50's nephew, but this was soon brought to order by the sobriety of the standing upright. Lack of local rumours can now be put aside as word of the rukus of the Brotherhood sweeps throughout the streets..

More later

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