Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Mexican Vacancy

During the month of June my dear friend Sally and her husband Boyd trotted off to Mexico to buy scrapbooking stuff, and attend her brother's wedding! With children bequested to family and friends, menagerie left in the hands of cyber doting Al, little fear of health and shelter could be ascertained to the kin... The chickens and ducks all cooped up, Gus bleating up a storm around the boundary, Puddin tucked up warm and cosy inside and Coba keeping a very close eye on Mother Maggie, about to drop what was suspected to be three little puppies, Sal and Boyd hit the road.

The trip was not destined to be the honeymoon of years gone by; what with mum and dad coming with Bethy in tow, visits to long distance sisters Sharon and Jenny, and the injection of the wedded couple's new family, there was much ado about chatter of interpretation and Mexican signing to keep one busy for quite some time... Of course there were also the friends of days gone by to catch up with, and exploration of many a ruined abode. The richness in the history and the people was a joy for their journey.

Disneyland was quite the experience, although i know they felt for the kids not being there. More reason to have more rides and check out all the snacks right?? Onward bound and into Vegas, the trip never seemed too dull. Amid the hustle and bustle of touristy explorations, word of home brought unexpected excitement in the arrival of six new little puppies, although no-one quite knew there were six at this point as the birthing took place under the house!! "It sounds like three" came the response from cyber doting Al... A quick recon of the situation once home would send the retrieval squad in under the house to collect said puppies, five boys and one girl!

Now what would the trip be without the collection of treasured gifts for dear family and friends. Perhaps it would have been even better if the grim reaper of gifts was not echoing words of discouragement from the shadow of the shopping aisles. If only he had known that the special coffee mug of choice that was just perfect for special friends was really an alibi for Boyd's birthday when he got home. Well it could have been, and how would he ever know now??!! As if my present wrapped so carefully in love and affection would get broken on the way home!! Thanks Boyd.....

Alas, Boyd did surrender collection of super special scrapbooking gifts whilst distracted by his sisters, also in the States on holiday... Oh, lots of goodies were distributed and shared once home, and not one of these broke....

Amid frequent bursts of annoyance and distaste at Boyd actually going on my trip, yeah i was next up to get a seat, i awaited on a long and lonely month without the phone calls and visits of past. It seemed only natural to pick up the phone and give Al a call just to go through the motions, but i don't think he could stand the conversation........ Guess I'll just have to talk to the blokey man....... that should be good!

As the excitement grew with the imminent arrival of holiday trippers, i bundled Brayden up and headed over for a long awaited catchup. Four days without contact when home was a bit more than we were prepared to take, there was a stamp party to go to and a scrap day on the books!! Left to cuddle and pat the puppies, Brayden was warned of impending absence of the girls to an abode six doors up, and indebted to the watchful eyes of Boyd and Al. Much fun and snacking was endured, and back to tripper's abode for discovery of an array of gifts!! Oh what fun.... lots of goodies...

As a current member of the newly formed monthly Chunky Chicks Scrap Chat group, it was almost somewhat relieving to find that the member attendance for the evening had depleted, and we would have to sit, chat and read craft magazines! The only downfall was not being able (or game) to sleep in the Craft Chest (like chest freezer) because of the cold. I snuggled up with the doona, closely watched by Maggie and her six little rotund squeaky puppies! Barely a squeak, meow, crow, bark or bleat was heard all night!! :)

Alas, we are always saddened to hear that the time to depart has come and we must bundle up and head home. Sadder still is the fact that i felt the flu coming on and i had a scrap chat to get to!! Off we headed homeward bound to find blokey man hard at work screwing up an engine at "The Shed", and big sister ready to come over for a visit. Big change of plans, and headcold headache to sleep off. Maybe if i have a sleep i can still make the scrap chat.........

As my flu worsens, holidaying sister comes to visit, blokey man takes the boys to soccer and i dope up on panadol and rest. With the weekend coming to an end, an evening phone call also bring the news that the Old Fart and his Little Fart will set forth airborne later in the week for the return journey home . Ah, a trip to Melbourne to collect said farts imminent by weeks end. The timing coincidental with the commencement of the school holidays........... busy time.

Well big sister headed off home through Canberra to avoid flooding in Gippsland, which turned out to be a very good move.

Well, since this post is about the Mexicans in Finley, i should also say that i set myself a task of completing some work whilst Sal was gone. Cards were made and started, and my double on "Gettin' Air" was also done. I was a bit pleased to meet the task, but list still grows! More work to do out in the room, never enough time.....

until the next one

Jay What

Friday, 22 June 2007

As June flies by

What an interesting week we've had in the house of amazingly approachable open spaces. ... The mere distances one must travel in this vast tangent of little warrens, without meeting, greeting or retreating from any other beings is mere nano seconds. It's an interesting week when you've got to talk about the space in the house.............

Well much abounds in the absence of the Old Fart and his Little Fart. We have spread our (little) wings and relaxed a bit. The boys are back in their own rooms, although i suspect the constant complaints of nagging each other are merely signs of actually wanting the company...

Whilst the Farts are enjoying warm and sunny days we are freezing our butts off in air now turned icy instead of rain, and we're really feeling the chill. The frosts have been amazing, my little Mazda6 all iced up, and fogs thick enough to send a Bdouble scuttling past the Snow Road turn off!

It's never quite cold enough in the morning though for adolescent boys to wear their uniform to school without a jumper. Nothing a couple of good frosts and a ride to school on the bike won't fix anyway!! "This bomber jacket is really warm Mum, and cool!!" It might be two sized too big, but i figure that if number one son can tell everyone at school to get over it, then i should be able to! Just don't look, it matches his hair and i think he's growing into that too!.... It 's casual day tomorrow too, so that should be a hoot!

We did take time out of our Fart less days to go visit the Brown Block, bundled up with bangers and marshmallows. It may have been wet and wild, but what better atmosphere for four wild boys to tear down the drive, in the rain, on the pushy.. Ah the country air, refreshes the mind and soul and all those other body parts that scrape along the drive after air bound stints. Rarely does time allow for any departures without hint of pain and suffering of some kind......

And what of the rolling hills, such a fine opportunity to take a walk and collect many a fine kindling for all sorts of manifesting creations. Such acts of collection somewhat amaze and stun the blokey man as he looks into the back of the 4wd with raised eyebrows... "More crap" I hear him say, and just as quickly the look upon his smirky face is wiped clean with "I'm going to build a bridge so i can get over it, but i think I'll need more wood!!" Now that was priceless, rarely is it that we find the blokey man speechless but think clearly knocked the wind out of him!! .....wonder where i can get some twine........

As with all visitations the favour is returned, and much knowledge is passed around in regard to building industry specifications. Upon this point the now redundant gas heater is met with contemplation, and blokey man discusses future weekend pursuits of attempted removals with Jen Jen's man. "Just pull it off" he says. "Go on" replies blokey man, so he does. Two screws later and a little sawing from a very little saw and we've just freed up a weekend to go visiting my family!! Oh what, you have to work that weekend................ :)
Isn't it nice when visitations turn into on the spot working bees that takes months or years???? Happens a lot hey? Can't wait for the laundry to get done.....

Well, there has been lots of running and panting and sweating and skidding in the mud, and blokey man will not be happy with the dog on the lawn. In between all this the boys have been busy at soccer and had some great games. Riley went into keeper and took a terrific save, and Brayden just went berserk again... Two recent best on ground vouchers on the same day gave them both a real buzz. On we go into the second round now, brollies in hand, coffee mug and deck chair. And a bit of vocal support will usually see blokey man wander off to canteen for a minute or two....... Clears the lungs right?

Where has the time gone? The phone call finally came in; the Farts are coming back! A trip to Melbourne is in hand as the Old Fart gets airborne (unlike grandson), and little Fart gets caged up down below. A blustery trip saw a 40 minute delay outside Avenel when one of several trees had fallen across both south-bound lanes. The line of lights behind me seemed to be growing even further back with the knowledge that the school holidays had already started. Soon on the way again, my lovely accommodation hosts, MaryAnne and Tony, prepared their special spag, a very nice drop of red and topped up my daily caffeine limit . Whilst catching up on stuff I was delighted to see the eating habits of their male adolescent son, somewhat older that my own boys, engrossed in the consumption of creamed cheese and cracked pepper sangers. . Now this i had not seen before, and was so bemused in the preparations occurring that my obvious distraction did cause a blackout on one poor sanger... With all but raised eyebrow, the disarray of pepper was casually tidied up and consumption did occur. No wonder the boys plays a hot game of volleyball, all that pepper...!! Shortly after this, and much later than when Tony piked it to read the new car manual in bed......... i was merrily sent off to bed in the outer sanctions of the granny office... And what a lovely restful night too.

How nice it was to see Cat's use of the papers and craft stuff i gave her being used in her homework projects. Looked really great. One day soon we are going to get together and have some fun making crafty stuff, just got to sort it out with mum and dad....

On the road again, 10 minutes out and I'm at the airport and wouldn't you know it, I'm early and so is the plane. There goes my coffee......... Wandering Old Fart was intercepted along the arrivals corridor, and almost walked right past me. I was tempted to give him the familiar "Hey Head" greeting, but feared it may have to be called out too loud and attract unwelcome attention... so i just stood there and looked at him. I think he may have been overcome with all the "variety", he seemed a little dazed. Maybe it was just the altitude........... Anyway, off we trot to pick up the car and collect the little Fart and she wasn't even there!! A somewhat worried look passed over the Old Farts face as he was asked if he travelled with the animal....... oh great, she's on another flight and we're gonna have to stay down here for another three hours and go shopping.... Oh, tangent.. The good man went and did collect and deliver very squeaky jumping Little Fart, and we hit the McCafe!! Yeah, what a road trip without a good coffee right? Anyway, Little Fart needed to remove of bit of retained excitement, and I'd rather she did it all on the grass!! Good Girl!!

So how was Poppy's trip? "Gee it was cold up there...." yep, circulation's shot! Lucky i brought his big coat down, but i didn't expect him to wear it all the way home in the car! Ah well, at least the trip was a bit more pleasant than the night before. So now we're home and yet another saga begins; school holidays start tomorrow and treatments start the following week. Lots of things going on. Keep you posted!

Jay What

Monday, 11 June 2007

Gettin' Air - latest double layout

This is the latest layout that i have just finished. The photos were taken at Brown's Block, and the boys were busy riding the boundries of the block, and jumping the dam. With little water around the dust was pretty full on, and there wasn't much to call water in the dam. After the huge run-up it was along the top of the dam bank, around the right and up the hill a bit, veering back around to then cut across the bottom of the dam and "launch" off the side, Gettin' Air! The two Yamaha's were making quite a worn track across and around the dam. I had to be quick to try and snap the photos before the bikes shot past, running from one side to the next with the camera. On this particular occasssion, on page two, I tried to snap Brayden going over the edge (I guess that's a trait he gets from his mother!) but managed to chop the top of the helmet off. . . Gotta be quicker than that. Although there were two boys riding this day, I focused this layout on Brayden for his very focus and determination in his love of motorbikes. It was shortly after this photo was taken that I had turned my focus to the stallion being ridden in, that I heard Brayden crash over the side of the dam. Just like in the ad, mum goes bolting over the edge of the dam to find wounded son bowed on bended knee, bike sprawled on it's side, and a furore of expletives coming from one of the dirt clumps that the front wheel hit, throwing rider into an overhead airborne fling! I did manage to turn my head from side to side as I was running to see where all the commotin was coming from, surely there was an audience of Crusty Demon fams out there amongst the fence posts somewhere, right???..........because my son surely wouldn't be using those words....... Righty Oh, any blood, any pain, move your fingers, move your toes....... ok you're good! I think the look of shock in his eyes was for the Crusty Demons yelling like that in front of his mum....... A couple more laps then it was time for a gathering around the fire and a licking of the wounds. How quickly they move on, it's all fun and fantasy and excitement.

Needless to say, putting this layout together was fun. It was bright, with action and punch. The papers, stickers and chip were fun to use and decorate. I sanded, mounting on chip, adding paint and stickers and then using the dimentional magic to add gloss and depth. The brightness of the bazzil was heightened with the decision to cut and juggle them around, the papers were a brillance of mixture and colour, and packed into the action of the energy of the bikes.

My son was rapt with the layout, and beady eyes giggled as the simply but hugely meaningful "'s all in the wrist!" was spotted written on a line down below. Not much gets past dad!! The 'in family' joke with father and son and featuring a super auto poofter truck, would bring many a belly laugh to all in the know. Just gotta' add that bit extra right?!

Until the next one...



Monday, 4 June 2007

Monday Funday

Well, here we are at the start of a new week, and a new month. The weekend just gone was certainly an interesting one. The boys both had a exceptional day at soccer, both getting player of the match in their respective games. They are both fortunate to have the same coach, who obviously sees their potential as players by encouraging them to attend each other's training sessions. (One might also ponder whether he could also see the distanced look in the parent's eyes when "an hour and a half per training session" was announced at the start of the comp?) This is a huge "time out" bonus for the parents, having two lots of hour and a half meltdown sessions!

Due to the rain last week, and the storm Tuesday night in particular, the "time out" sessions were cancelled, and the meltdown sessions were a bubbling molten pool of adolescence. For the purpose of this blog, i have refrained from using the more appropriate terminology. What is it with boys anyway?? We ask, we wait, we ask, we wait, we begin to errupt into the fury of all hell to forsake a little help with putting "your grotty soccer gear" away. . . . I have attempted to adhere to the tactics of successful parenting by the book, but feel the boys do not read, nor do they understand the inference of " I say, you do, we happy", which i know is clearly stated somewhere in one of those pages i read???. . Around about the "we happy" bit usually comes a peaceful time when you can sit down with a lovely cuppa and a book, dad can go chat about nothing to no-one for two whole hours, and the little chilli billies can play computer and playstation without so much as a "he kept looking at me!!"...... because we're all happy right? And then all of a sudden it happens, and we find ourselves back on that insanity train that just won't let us off!! No matter how hard you try, you just seem to be walking further and further down the aisle until until another door opens, and another carriage confronts you. (And don't EVER look back, because they're there......). I am pleased to say we only had a little bit of this.....

Alas, there is also the Old Fart and the Little Fart to figure into the picture. Disbelief may never before have entered your mind until you stood watching the storm come in, blustering wind, torrential rain, (I actually had a typo here with terrestial, and was soooooooooo tempted to leave it there!!) the bitterness in the air cutting through your very skin, and what does he do??? He sits there, back rounded, chin tucked in, Little Fart making tremendous headway up the inside of the jacket, and has another puff on the death stick!! "Come inside" we bellow from the warm confines of the smoke free zone. "Yeah, in a minute.." he replies! Could i be so callous as to get the camera out? Well i could, but my blokey man had just come home, and the disbelief on his face was more worth the wait than scurrying off to get the camera! Silent head shaking occurs here. . . .
Storms outside the house, storms inside the house, is there not a sacred nook about in which to retreat?? What, and miss all this you might say, spot on!!

Well, the weather prediction for next week is that one of the storm fronts is moving north, and there will be continued and intermittent adolescent storms over the coming winter weeks. Yes, the Old Fart is bailing out of the cold and heading into the warmer confines of sibling number three's abode up north! And Little Fart will have to leave her coats of many colours to also head north chasing trains with Jelly Bean!! (You had to be in my head for that one!!)

Polly's humble abode presides quite near the rail line, and will probably be just cause for the Little Fart's eyes popping further out of her dear little head! May take a little getting used to, but i am sure canine companion Jelly Bean will be more than happy company to help calm the nerves...

Well Monday would not be a Funday if there wasn't a trip to a coffee shop and some errands to run. Am seriously thinking about (Old Fart) purchasing a shopping trolley for me to pick up his meds. Keeping on top of that is a job in itself! Alas, blazing trails of speed entrail as I collect Riley from school and shoot out of bounds to look at something resembling a house that actually may have room to move in it. Surrounded with green paddocks on one side, a creek down the back and old scrappy sheds, should be lots more room for the blokey man and his boys to get back to nature in. (Or at least get outta the house and outta sight!!) Alas, looking is all it is at the moment, but looking ahead we are....

A detour on the way home for artistic creation amongst natures greenery sees son number two none too happy to conform to mothers helper request. My idea of some photos to inspire an album i am forging in my mind, and requiring the assistance of a clicker, all of a sudden is met with sulking words of refusal. My efforts to "take some of you first" came out quite nice, and there i was at the end of it all with full sun in my face, shadow across the hills and chilling damp air. "Oh the first one isn't that bad mum. . . ." Mate, they're all bad, this one just wasn't AS bad!! My mind ponders the thought of what else i can stash in the back of the car for such occasions (ie tripod), and when i can get back to pick up those really cool bits of wood.

I am already smelling the beans as dutiful son is dropped off, and mother follows the smell of coffee beans brewing in the warmth of yet another familiar cafe! Now this is truly my idea of time out! Alas, home and a fairly fit free night of dinner preparation, and a new take on chicken sausage rolls for dinner. So sweet was the silence that one had to commend number two son's efforts at putting together the savoury muffins all on his own!! The look in blokey mans eyes when he saw them, "priceless!!"

Until another day.....


The Joys and Pains of Rain...


All rejoice the falling rain
But to me it’s been a leafy pain
Intruding from the pipes below
A clearly blocked-up overflow
It seeped into my private space ……
My sanctuary …….
My quite place ……..
And now I find with saddened heart
My sodden stash, my ruined art
I felt despair, tears welling there
My beautiful papers, my cardstock lair
All stained and marked and bleeding there. . .

Where I sit in my domain
My inner peace where I refrain
And seek inspiration, and calm all pains
Is not the end, is not to blame.

I have lost little, I love the rain
It challenged my hurt to ride the pain
I will meet it, the challenge it sets
Mother Nature and her tests

I call upon my blokey man
He speaks not of my lonely look
He fixes up my special nook
Plugs the leak, the overflow
The carpet gone and hung to dry
The tears now gone from saddened eyes

The papers spread out upon the floor
Barely room to reach the door!
And though they’re faded, warped and frayed
Something in common with me you say?? ……
They will survive another day

Already projects come to mind
I’ll use my stash, I will not crash
I’ll create my special art
I’ll see it helps to soothe my heart
The warmth will flow
The love will glow
I’ll learn from this to turn around
Mother Nature’s take on man

If I have learnt one thing today
I justify it in this way;
A walk in nature’s teaming rain
…Take away material pain
Is the very thing that bring new tears,
New hopes
New joy
The birthing crops that prayers have sown,
The creeks and rivers now filled again
And on my face a sprinkled rain
Enlighnening souls, refusing pain.

The future’s vision lets me see
People’s lives more desperate than me
And all they pray, they want to see
The blessing of rain, a gift that is free
One person’s hope, one person’s dreams
Now that’s gotta be better than just thinking of ME!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Beginning

Well, after considerable thought I have decided to join the land of the blogging! It is destined to be the link in faithful virtual contacts for our families and dear friends. Alas, I feel I will also be opening a life book privy to the corner section of the "Hey look" shop, and hope that all that visit this corner are able to cope with the intensity of our quirky little lives. Just be glad we don't have web-cam!

Simply enjoying the delirious daily saga's associated with raising adolescent boys and their ever dilligafing father are part of my ongoing life tanget.

How I ever manage to get those ladders up and down those walls all day is beyond me. . . . . And of course there's the dog, our ever faithful stick retrieving, water bombing, four wheel cruising hound. Where would the man of the house be if he didn't have the dog to pat on the head when he comes home from his big day in the automated over-rated world of truck driving!!

A quick wit description about the "Me" of this blog could be simply described as someone who; Scrap-attacks unsuspecting photos, creates curious cards, dallies with darn delightful ditties, and carries unprecedented qualities as a caffeine connoisseur extraordinaire. I am a major contributor of the fanatical group the Women's Institute of Necessary Evils. (WINE) I may well be the only member, but I will endeavour to learn the skills, promote the product, and master the outcomes of consequence!!

The next WINE meeting will be held at a date to be disclosed, in celebration of the recently completed construction of the Private Inner Sanctuary of Serendipity Enhancing Delights (PISSED). This is in fact my new scrap room, built in the inner confines of 33A (our garage - and emergency accommodation services for non-PISSED persons, usually male). (did you guess I have a lot of friends?..) With Lemon and Lavender 2tone walls, WIP French doors (work in progress - another job!) it is my special nook. Adorned with paintings, aged storage cabinet, desk and lots of CRUFF (craft stuff!), I am only lacking the coffee machine (only because I need to find a new space for it..)

Alas, this seems like weeks later...... as part of our spiritually connected universal beings (that should get rid of the checker-outer-ers) I hope that you will keep in touch and up to date with our little projects and the happily ever after the smoke settles family tid-bits (you know, the ones "they" don't know I'm saying. .. )

Favourite Quote/Sayings: Tempus Fugit - it is the tangent in my journey (alas, I am still getting there!!).

I have a strong belief in everything happening for a reason. Even if things don't seem to be going your way, or you experience pain or suffering, I believe you will still be able to find a time or place to step back and look at it through a different window. You will only see it when you are ready to!

Much of my life has been spent looking at "where I was" and making the decision to view "where I am now" as a positive and/or learning experience.