Friday, 14 November 2014

B&W Photo Challenge - Day 4

Well today is the 4th day of my photo challenge, a black & white photo every day for five days. Once you upload you then get to nominate someone else to play along, and on this day I have nominated Marcella Dondio Wyatt  

Well we arrived at the desert after a very colourful drive up the highway, passing many Hot Rods & Street Machines heading to Bright.  What a sight, heaps of great old cars too.  The Little Fart's Old Fart would have been in his element sitting back and watching them all go by.  Obviously she didn't have to do any running, although I did wonder if she wasn't a tad distressed as we headed in an unfamiliar direction to that she was used to.

Well, with another day of the Photo Challenge clicking over it was time to peruse suitable objects for the daily post.  Whilst considerably smaller than a Magpie, I did notice out of the corner of my eye a darting shadow sweeping the Little Fart from above.  A closer inspection proved a diving family of Willy Willy's distracting the Little Fart from any ideas of climbing the 20' gum tree up to their nested babies.  And they were a long way up!  The Little Fart trotted off happily to explore, whilst the feathered family kept their eyes on me, keeping an eye on them.  A tad difficult I might add with them all the way up that huge gum tree.  So, with trusty clicker balanced by it's neck strap above my head, I swayed as I imagined being on the bow of a ship, tossing gently in the sea as I tried to focus thy trusty clicker whilst keeping her steady.  A hearty feat as I managed but a few, and settled onto greener subjects.  And purple-ish ones too.

I figured these would be easier, but the zoom kept teasing me with fuzzy focus, and I was not being terribly impressed!  It was a beautiful sunny day, plenty of blue skies above and I was working up a sweat.  I loved the colour contrast, and the difference in the petal colours when the light direction changed.  Feeling I needed to add more choice I wandered over to the vegie garden with it's rustic and former front yard gate.  Ah, just perfect.  Rustic says it all, and I was really happy with this shot.  Look on and see what you think.

So here is my upload for Day 4.

Clickity Click - Happy Days!

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