Monday, 11 June 2007

Gettin' Air - latest double layout

This is the latest layout that i have just finished. The photos were taken at Brown's Block, and the boys were busy riding the boundries of the block, and jumping the dam. With little water around the dust was pretty full on, and there wasn't much to call water in the dam. After the huge run-up it was along the top of the dam bank, around the right and up the hill a bit, veering back around to then cut across the bottom of the dam and "launch" off the side, Gettin' Air! The two Yamaha's were making quite a worn track across and around the dam. I had to be quick to try and snap the photos before the bikes shot past, running from one side to the next with the camera. On this particular occasssion, on page two, I tried to snap Brayden going over the edge (I guess that's a trait he gets from his mother!) but managed to chop the top of the helmet off. . . Gotta be quicker than that. Although there were two boys riding this day, I focused this layout on Brayden for his very focus and determination in his love of motorbikes. It was shortly after this photo was taken that I had turned my focus to the stallion being ridden in, that I heard Brayden crash over the side of the dam. Just like in the ad, mum goes bolting over the edge of the dam to find wounded son bowed on bended knee, bike sprawled on it's side, and a furore of expletives coming from one of the dirt clumps that the front wheel hit, throwing rider into an overhead airborne fling! I did manage to turn my head from side to side as I was running to see where all the commotin was coming from, surely there was an audience of Crusty Demon fams out there amongst the fence posts somewhere, right???..........because my son surely wouldn't be using those words....... Righty Oh, any blood, any pain, move your fingers, move your toes....... ok you're good! I think the look of shock in his eyes was for the Crusty Demons yelling like that in front of his mum....... A couple more laps then it was time for a gathering around the fire and a licking of the wounds. How quickly they move on, it's all fun and fantasy and excitement.

Needless to say, putting this layout together was fun. It was bright, with action and punch. The papers, stickers and chip were fun to use and decorate. I sanded, mounting on chip, adding paint and stickers and then using the dimentional magic to add gloss and depth. The brightness of the bazzil was heightened with the decision to cut and juggle them around, the papers were a brillance of mixture and colour, and packed into the action of the energy of the bikes.

My son was rapt with the layout, and beady eyes giggled as the simply but hugely meaningful "'s all in the wrist!" was spotted written on a line down below. Not much gets past dad!! The 'in family' joke with father and son and featuring a super auto poofter truck, would bring many a belly laugh to all in the know. Just gotta' add that bit extra right?!

Until the next one...



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