Monday, 4 June 2007

The Joys and Pains of Rain...


All rejoice the falling rain
But to me it’s been a leafy pain
Intruding from the pipes below
A clearly blocked-up overflow
It seeped into my private space ……
My sanctuary …….
My quite place ……..
And now I find with saddened heart
My sodden stash, my ruined art
I felt despair, tears welling there
My beautiful papers, my cardstock lair
All stained and marked and bleeding there. . .

Where I sit in my domain
My inner peace where I refrain
And seek inspiration, and calm all pains
Is not the end, is not to blame.

I have lost little, I love the rain
It challenged my hurt to ride the pain
I will meet it, the challenge it sets
Mother Nature and her tests

I call upon my blokey man
He speaks not of my lonely look
He fixes up my special nook
Plugs the leak, the overflow
The carpet gone and hung to dry
The tears now gone from saddened eyes

The papers spread out upon the floor
Barely room to reach the door!
And though they’re faded, warped and frayed
Something in common with me you say?? ……
They will survive another day

Already projects come to mind
I’ll use my stash, I will not crash
I’ll create my special art
I’ll see it helps to soothe my heart
The warmth will flow
The love will glow
I’ll learn from this to turn around
Mother Nature’s take on man

If I have learnt one thing today
I justify it in this way;
A walk in nature’s teaming rain
…Take away material pain
Is the very thing that bring new tears,
New hopes
New joy
The birthing crops that prayers have sown,
The creeks and rivers now filled again
And on my face a sprinkled rain
Enlighnening souls, refusing pain.

The future’s vision lets me see
People’s lives more desperate than me
And all they pray, they want to see
The blessing of rain, a gift that is free
One person’s hope, one person’s dreams
Now that’s gotta be better than just thinking of ME!

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