Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Beginning

Well, after considerable thought I have decided to join the land of the blogging! It is destined to be the link in faithful virtual contacts for our families and dear friends. Alas, I feel I will also be opening a life book privy to the corner section of the "Hey look" shop, and hope that all that visit this corner are able to cope with the intensity of our quirky little lives. Just be glad we don't have web-cam!

Simply enjoying the delirious daily saga's associated with raising adolescent boys and their ever dilligafing father are part of my ongoing life tanget.

How I ever manage to get those ladders up and down those walls all day is beyond me. . . . . And of course there's the dog, our ever faithful stick retrieving, water bombing, four wheel cruising hound. Where would the man of the house be if he didn't have the dog to pat on the head when he comes home from his big day in the automated over-rated world of truck driving!!

A quick wit description about the "Me" of this blog could be simply described as someone who; Scrap-attacks unsuspecting photos, creates curious cards, dallies with darn delightful ditties, and carries unprecedented qualities as a caffeine connoisseur extraordinaire. I am a major contributor of the fanatical group the Women's Institute of Necessary Evils. (WINE) I may well be the only member, but I will endeavour to learn the skills, promote the product, and master the outcomes of consequence!!

The next WINE meeting will be held at a date to be disclosed, in celebration of the recently completed construction of the Private Inner Sanctuary of Serendipity Enhancing Delights (PISSED). This is in fact my new scrap room, built in the inner confines of 33A (our garage - and emergency accommodation services for non-PISSED persons, usually male). (did you guess I have a lot of friends?..) With Lemon and Lavender 2tone walls, WIP French doors (work in progress - another job!) it is my special nook. Adorned with paintings, aged storage cabinet, desk and lots of CRUFF (craft stuff!), I am only lacking the coffee machine (only because I need to find a new space for it..)

Alas, this seems like weeks later...... as part of our spiritually connected universal beings (that should get rid of the checker-outer-ers) I hope that you will keep in touch and up to date with our little projects and the happily ever after the smoke settles family tid-bits (you know, the ones "they" don't know I'm saying. .. )

Favourite Quote/Sayings: Tempus Fugit - it is the tangent in my journey (alas, I am still getting there!!).

I have a strong belief in everything happening for a reason. Even if things don't seem to be going your way, or you experience pain or suffering, I believe you will still be able to find a time or place to step back and look at it through a different window. You will only see it when you are ready to!

Much of my life has been spent looking at "where I was" and making the decision to view "where I am now" as a positive and/or learning experience.


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