Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Mexican Vacancy

During the month of June my dear friend Sally and her husband Boyd trotted off to Mexico to buy scrapbooking stuff, and attend her brother's wedding! With children bequested to family and friends, menagerie left in the hands of cyber doting Al, little fear of health and shelter could be ascertained to the kin... The chickens and ducks all cooped up, Gus bleating up a storm around the boundary, Puddin tucked up warm and cosy inside and Coba keeping a very close eye on Mother Maggie, about to drop what was suspected to be three little puppies, Sal and Boyd hit the road.

The trip was not destined to be the honeymoon of years gone by; what with mum and dad coming with Bethy in tow, visits to long distance sisters Sharon and Jenny, and the injection of the wedded couple's new family, there was much ado about chatter of interpretation and Mexican signing to keep one busy for quite some time... Of course there were also the friends of days gone by to catch up with, and exploration of many a ruined abode. The richness in the history and the people was a joy for their journey.

Disneyland was quite the experience, although i know they felt for the kids not being there. More reason to have more rides and check out all the snacks right?? Onward bound and into Vegas, the trip never seemed too dull. Amid the hustle and bustle of touristy explorations, word of home brought unexpected excitement in the arrival of six new little puppies, although no-one quite knew there were six at this point as the birthing took place under the house!! "It sounds like three" came the response from cyber doting Al... A quick recon of the situation once home would send the retrieval squad in under the house to collect said puppies, five boys and one girl!

Now what would the trip be without the collection of treasured gifts for dear family and friends. Perhaps it would have been even better if the grim reaper of gifts was not echoing words of discouragement from the shadow of the shopping aisles. If only he had known that the special coffee mug of choice that was just perfect for special friends was really an alibi for Boyd's birthday when he got home. Well it could have been, and how would he ever know now??!! As if my present wrapped so carefully in love and affection would get broken on the way home!! Thanks Boyd.....

Alas, Boyd did surrender collection of super special scrapbooking gifts whilst distracted by his sisters, also in the States on holiday... Oh, lots of goodies were distributed and shared once home, and not one of these broke....

Amid frequent bursts of annoyance and distaste at Boyd actually going on my trip, yeah i was next up to get a seat, i awaited on a long and lonely month without the phone calls and visits of past. It seemed only natural to pick up the phone and give Al a call just to go through the motions, but i don't think he could stand the conversation........ Guess I'll just have to talk to the blokey man....... that should be good!

As the excitement grew with the imminent arrival of holiday trippers, i bundled Brayden up and headed over for a long awaited catchup. Four days without contact when home was a bit more than we were prepared to take, there was a stamp party to go to and a scrap day on the books!! Left to cuddle and pat the puppies, Brayden was warned of impending absence of the girls to an abode six doors up, and indebted to the watchful eyes of Boyd and Al. Much fun and snacking was endured, and back to tripper's abode for discovery of an array of gifts!! Oh what fun.... lots of goodies...

As a current member of the newly formed monthly Chunky Chicks Scrap Chat group, it was almost somewhat relieving to find that the member attendance for the evening had depleted, and we would have to sit, chat and read craft magazines! The only downfall was not being able (or game) to sleep in the Craft Chest (like chest freezer) because of the cold. I snuggled up with the doona, closely watched by Maggie and her six little rotund squeaky puppies! Barely a squeak, meow, crow, bark or bleat was heard all night!! :)

Alas, we are always saddened to hear that the time to depart has come and we must bundle up and head home. Sadder still is the fact that i felt the flu coming on and i had a scrap chat to get to!! Off we headed homeward bound to find blokey man hard at work screwing up an engine at "The Shed", and big sister ready to come over for a visit. Big change of plans, and headcold headache to sleep off. Maybe if i have a sleep i can still make the scrap chat.........

As my flu worsens, holidaying sister comes to visit, blokey man takes the boys to soccer and i dope up on panadol and rest. With the weekend coming to an end, an evening phone call also bring the news that the Old Fart and his Little Fart will set forth airborne later in the week for the return journey home . Ah, a trip to Melbourne to collect said farts imminent by weeks end. The timing coincidental with the commencement of the school holidays........... busy time.

Well big sister headed off home through Canberra to avoid flooding in Gippsland, which turned out to be a very good move.

Well, since this post is about the Mexicans in Finley, i should also say that i set myself a task of completing some work whilst Sal was gone. Cards were made and started, and my double on "Gettin' Air" was also done. I was a bit pleased to meet the task, but list still grows! More work to do out in the room, never enough time.....

until the next one

Jay What

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