Thursday, 24 September 2009

Colliding into Spring

It's been a couple of weeks since the last post so best I do a little update.

Just over a week ago we had our volleyball grandfinal, and we finally got it together and made it. We rocked up with the support of #1 son to cheer us on, fledging member of the team #2 son was rearing to go, and mum carried in the bag of adequate sporting outfits for Blokey Man, who was still yet to clock off from the Highway Mistress. The (family) team were keen to get things going so they could go home and welcome Mustang’s arrival, and watch NCIS! Both teams started well, and it wasn't too long before the Reserve Player arrived to de-frock from his high-vis outfit into something more befitting the occasion..... like the lycra bike shorts I put into the change bag for him!

Alas, out he came in the manly tracky dacks that accompanied the special gear, and all thoughts of a slinky duo of well stretched lycra boys dangling at full flight at the nets was very quickly pushed from my mind.... Purely team tactics, but at least we still had Wayne flying the solo flag of visual distraction...

The game was warming up with well matched teams putting each other under pressure. The speed of the ball in service was a big factor in gaining enough control to return the ball into play, and outwit the opposition. This was effected by both teams, and the challenge set to gain the play. On one such occasion the ball was returned, and the scurrying feet of Vermin's players set the ball to the net for an enormously powerful spike at the peak of the net's height, ready to be smashed into the court on the other side. Well, I just jumped up as high as I could, hit the ball over the net from somewhere below the net on my side, then proceeded my descent back to earth... Well, some nano seconds later I was returning to earth when the landing gear failed. A slight grinding sound emanated from my knee, beneath the amazing black brace, and the urge to immediately lift my leg and relieve the sensation brought upon me a whole new sensation when my fat arse hit the landing deck!! I was about to find out about a whole new kind of purple.....

I was momentarily overcome with déjà vu, and requested immediate relocation to the bleachers. Packed up with ice and warmer clothing I continued my support of the Vermin... Now, you may think this was very routine, no tears, no screaming, no trembling... but I can assure you all Blokey Man was going to be fine and he could relax ........... yeah right!

Well, all that could be done was done, so there I sat and cheered on the team. There was some exceptional serving from the favourite niece of abundant free stuff, with Bec getting in a few good returns at the net. The open court space left by the lame and injured was equally covered by the Blokey Man, Wonder Wayne and the Roving Stu. Such a delight to see the fella's leaving the ground and placing some great taps low on the court at the net. Such an amazing feat for Blokey Man to be suspended in mid air (alas, without lycra....) without maintaining any such contact of the net with the veranda! It was truly amazing, as it must have been for the opposing team’s back hand slapping tactics of the ball. With such rivalry in contest the tension was raised with the fudging of scores across the board. The distraction was duly noted by the umpire, and the players, and the officials, and the supporters, and the kids.... and the scoreboard was eventually restored to everyone’s satisfaction.

With 1 set down and 2 sets up the scurrying Vermin needed to retain control of the 4th to take out the match, preventing a playoff in the 5th. Many great rallies were witnessed by both sides, and Vermin took control of the net contesting many blocks and drop points. It was great to watch (ouch..), and we had a well deserved win. It’s so good to play a great game (and watch a great game) without worrying about the outcome. With presentations shortly following the match trophies were duly handed out. Vermin was further honoured with the Women's B&F going to the very favourite niece of abundant free stuff, and the MVP for the game also going to our Wonder Wayne in those amazing lycra shorts... What a great way to top off a season! (, I don't want to think about my dicky knee.....)

Ok, hobble hobble off I go, home and ice and panadol! Not terribly joyful, and the purple-ness of the arse was really sore too with a full on lump under the bruise. Well, there was still hobbling to be done to prepare for the arrival of the Mustang from the desert, who was in preparation of her Retreating to the Alps. I could still hobble ok, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad..... Much excitement abounded in the house when the Mustang finally arrived, bearing gifts and bartering forgotten accessories for Retreat. Much chatting and bonding entailed before retiring in preparation for The Moofa Brunch with the newly found Beaver the following day.

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