Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Step into September

Here we are half way through September 2009, and only a few months until the end of the year. Where does the time go? I thought I was having a good run getting my blog up to date (gulp....), but it seems to have been a bit of hit and miss... Trying to make a better effort.

Friday night and #2 son headed off to Buffalo River for a sleepover party with his soccer mates. Much encouragement was offered in support of socializing for the Blokey Man to venture off with #1 son to "The Shed" for male bonding, grunting, liquid consumption and a bit of rampant gossiping before the footy started.... At last, time to get out into the "testosterone forbidden zone" and start the CyberCrop. This would be my first attempt at these challenges, and much encouragement was prompted from the Beaver.

Now, 33A was walked in, through and around the general vicinity with the semi-attached laptop, wireless in full gear. Yep, it works - You can build my room!!! Well, it didn't have any wireless blocking walls or insulation or freezers or fridges or blokey heavy metal stuff outside the walls then did it? No, it didn't, so the dreaded vision of total escapism to a place far, far across the verandah, down the steps, across the patio, into the garage and down the back to my room where I could be totally independent of running in and out of the house to read my computer was supposed to be a good thing.... Well, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. So, rig up Mustang's chair, put a cushion on it, sit the paper folder on that for a bit more height, tilt it this way, now turn it a bit that way, now a bit more this way and BINGO! - we have connection!! now we don't, now we do, now we don't, now we do...

And so it went, trying to download the challenges as they came online and copy them onto a word doc to work from, and getting hysterical texts from Beaver asking why I was in and out all the time, and was I doing the challenges, and have a look at that next one!

Well, well, well... as part of the CyberCrop each month there is a Guest Designer to set a challenge, and guess who it was? Our very own Beaver has the honour, and that may well explain the excitement of multiple texts and subsequent phone call over the past few days to ensure I was going to have a go!!! How exciting is that! Well, the monthly theme is all masculine and blokey, and Beaver set a challenge for a LayOut with some kind of material, and a handmade embelishment. She herself had used a pair of jeans that she cut up (fortunately Wayne wasn't in them at the time..... but I would still be worried since she is still on P's with her scissor licence...) for the background, which she also stamped on and did all sorts of special things to. Its looks great.

There was a plan, but I needed to warm up first so I attacked Miss Helen's Card Sketch challenge, and am so loving using my distress inks again. This finally done (lets just say, over the weekend..), I tackled the Beaver's LO. I got the old fluro work shirt that Blokey Man tore up several nights earlier, and set about cutting it up to fit a 12 x 12 LO, leaving one side of the collar and buttons in place. After juggling a few different ideas and photos, I decided to go with the Truckin' Blokes. The photo was taken of Trucking Grumpy, Blokey Man and the Deputy Grand Pooh Bah at a motorbike family day for all the younglings. Well, it is finally finished and I am
pretty happy with it. The result is thus;

Well, Blokey Man acquired the new beast of the Yamaha variety on Saturday, and duly took off to Havilah with #1 son in tow to test the power! Team Yamaha embarked upon the Jambro Park MotoCross Track to collect their faithful guide, and explore the upper regions of the pines... Alas, not much hillside height was attained before the dummy was spat and the guide returned to his humble abode... the smooth words, charm and tenderness of the Blokey Man could not dissuade the disgruntled Honda youngling to remain with the team and venture forth into pines far, far away...

The excitement of exploring the rugged earthy tracks in the pines became quite a feat when Blokey Man was abused by #1 son for... taking him on tracks that had big trees fallen across the tracks that I can't get over..... That man, he has such power! Well, I guess the padding on the seat was starting to wear thin, and the return trip home would not be far away.

Well, doesn't this bike look a whole lot bigger than the last one? These things just keep on getting taller. And I don't know about you, but I can't see any great big trees laying across the track here....

What do you reckon Brayden?

Well the fun is done, and it's off on the home trip.

I think I've made a pretty good effort this time around, even got photos! Go Me! Will try to stay on top of posts, and hope to update the blog a bit more too.


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