Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Friend-ie works of Art

Hello All,
Lookie Here, Lookie Here!!! Thought I would share the recent works of the very talented Beaver. She is really getting out there and "global" with this recent little effort, and is very chuffed indeed! Whilst on the road to competition her creativity ran riot and came up with the most beautiful Christmas Wreath, made up with paper flowers and sparkly holly leaves. A bit of origami skill would be required to tackle the flowers, and drink driving this task is NOT recommended at all......
You can find out more about this project and the instructions here
The second effort was for the same said flowers, with the same recommendations in the construction of instructions......, and was to be designed as a gift topper. Well, I think I'd just want it on it's own to be honest! Looks just gorgeous...
At this point I am happy to say that I sighted the priceless pieces of art before CyberVille even got a look in, and they are even more beautiful in real life!

As for Me? Well last night I created some pretty amazing tortilla wraps for dinner.......... ahem....... I am working on some stuff, so if I don't get them done before hand, the inspiration of the Eldy Scrapologists will surely boost me along to completion this weekend! I am feeling a tad excited, lots of scrapping time with friends for the weekend is a pretty good deal!

The coming together of the Eldy Scrapologists also sees the cosmic bonding of several members in an inspirational grain chanting and wreath clad dancing to bring forth the rain......... Given the position of Uranus and the Sun, this is indeed necessary to glorify the swelling golden seeds of produce for further growth, and eminate aural paternal bonding with ones children whilst the Beaver can then be released for non-religious Scrapology......... and depending on the fit of said wreaths, Uranus and the Sun may surely be given just the cosmic tilt required.....

And on that note, I shall go forth to commence said cosmic bonding of members and summon the rain....... and NO there will NOT be photos!!

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