Saturday, 26 September 2009

Recent Projects Sept09

Just a few things I have been working on lately and added into my 52 Pick Up challenges at the Littitle Scrapbook Shop.

The notebook is to catalogue your journey through the 52 weeks of challenge projects. You have to put each project in it as you do them, a bit about where the idea/plan came from and a photo. The good thing about these challenges is that you don't have to do them all in order. There is prizes for those that do, such as all the challenges completed for the one month will go into a prize draw. Good incentive I guess, but I like to do the challenges to suit my liking or a particular photo. I am really happy with this site, has got a great social atmosphere - and an awesome annual retreat!

The second project is my "Sound of White" layout, which I titled "Pure Boy" (thanks Mustang..). This you had to do using white as the base for the layout, and only minimal colour if necessary. The photo is one of four. I took it at my brother Peter's when I got each of the kids to wear my old akubra for an individual photo under the maple tree. I have now done 3 layouts, with just Nicholas to go. In this layout I copied the photo onto transparency then mounted it onto white cardstock. I completed this up at retreat, all but the title. When Mustang was here she suggested a title the moment she saw it, so I went with that. That girl is such an asset.....

Last but not least is my Money Tin. With this challenge you get to utilize the project fully, with (almost) everyone making their tins as a 2010 Retreat Money Tin to save up for the big event. When I was at retreat in August, up in Sydney, they had this paper in the discount box. As soon as I saw it I thought of the money tins that everyone else had been using to save for this retreat, and then I had it! I decided to use it as my "Race to Retreat Money Tin..." with the chequered flag effect of the papers. The flowers would be great for cutting out and mounting up. So, that is what I did and it came up really well I think. I am hoping that when it comes time to open it I will be able to remove the papers and put them onto a layout for the actual retreat. Have to wait and see I guess. Anyway, here they are. Hoping to upload more soon......

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