Sunday, 3 January 2010

Here She Is

Well just you look right here!! This is it, the big news........... my new shop!!

On Monday, December 21st the doors to Scrapville were finally opened. This is my new venture, my very own Scrapbooking, Card Making and Papercraft shop. It has taken a bit of doing, and a minimal amount of tweaking still required, but the doors are open and we are now trading. It's good to see the excitement on everyone's faces as they come in and see all the colourful papers and stocked racks. I hope I will continue to see that, along with the glow of satisfaction, if not only my own...

What started out as a bit of a whimsy some months ago, has actually come about full circle. The idea of putting together a fully interactive weekend retreat every few months was worth pursuing, and then maybe incorporating a coffee shop into it somehow would have been ideal. And so on and so forth and hunting and searching and so and so forth until....... this came up!

Well, initially the excitement was somewhat curious............ it tweaked my curiosity to no end! I decided to just take a look at the prospect, the viability, the demand wasn't really part of it as I already knew that that was indeed well founded. All in all it was a much better proposition for me to start my own business, if only in the former premises of a recently departed business. So there it was, pinch and a punch to make it all real, get the cogs moving and close off the deal!!

Acquire the lease, fitout the shop, acquire the papers the bling and the stock - we're ready to open and run us a shop!! Well rolling and rhyming might sound all the fun, but pulling together this lot was not one. When push came to shove, and pinch came to punch, I was rolling down backwards and sliding with haste.

At times of great darkness and seeming despair, one must seek the strengths of their friends and those dear. The hand of support and comfort and hope, is all that it took to control that dam slope. So what it all came down to, what it all meant, was that people I cared for provided my hope. They offered support, they offered me hope, they encouraged me forth to conquor that slope. So get off your arse, get out of the house, put your scrapping to use and go on and kick arse............. so I did!

Gee, if only I was a poet! Well at least I now know where my son gets his story-telling from! where was I? So, we had a few little hurdles, but they were overcome and we have opened "Scrapville", and she is alive and running. There is heaps of new stock, and heaps more coming - and isn't that always exciting? Talk about kids and lolly jars...............

A La Grande Opening will commence on Saturday, January 16th from 10am to 2pm. During this time there will be a display of works from the support team behind Scrapville, there will be spot prizes, and in-store product specials. The Online Challenge will be announced, and the calendar opened for the first Crop Night. I am hoping the day will be filled with people coming in to say hello and have a look around, and meet myself and the team. Your company will be well accepted, and hopefully all your needs will be met.

I look forward to this new and exciting venture, and keeping you all posted. For a closer look you can jump over to and see what's going on.




Marg said...

Woo Hoo.......
Good luck with it all and a big
CONGRATULATIONS.......see you at the opening.....
luv marg xxx

Rachel said...

Congratulations on the new venture - if I'm ever over your way, I'll make sure I pop in & check it out!

Wishing you every success!


jaywhat said...

Thanks girls, can't wait to see you both in the shop..... tho I might be waiting to hold you a seat at the crop night Pepper!!!

Very Excited!! Thanks

Deb said...

What a wonderful happening Janet...a big hug & congratulations....hope you have a brilliant day...& who knows I might visit in April this year!! Heading south for a couple of weeks!! All the best for Scrapville!! xxx

Clare said...

Hi honey!!! not sure if you are using this blog anymore but have just come across it. I follow Scrapville so have started following this bloggy too which must be your personal one. Congratulations on the brilliant "Scrapville" Janet, i totally love the monthly challenges. Maybe one day i can visit you in OZ. Big hugs Clare xxx