Sunday, 5 July 2009

Scrapbook Forum News

Have I told you what's going on with the LSBS? I am still doing the 52 Pick Up, which you have ALL YEAR to do ALL the challenges! If you do all the monthly challenges, say June, then you go into the prize draw for June. They do spot prizes too, but if you know me - I'm all over the place so fat chance I'd finish anything in the ONE MONTH! Mind you, I am getting layouts done - so this is a totally good thing for me.

I have just signed up for their August Retreat....... WOW! Have been wanting to try something new for a while, and although the girls are all tied up with LIFE at the moment, I am still going to go. They have so much stuff going on for the Retreat, before and during!, and the theme this year is "Rough Around the Edges...." I think I might fit that??

The retreat is in Sydney, or about an hour inland from the airport. It's being held in August, so it'll be my Birthday Treat (...Retreat Treat!!.......). Even though it's only July I have still got in, and they take a max of 60 people so not sure how many are booked in. There's another girl going who I have got to know on the forums, so I am hoping to buddy up with her. The chainsaw thing worries me a bit though............ Should be a hoot, all the girls (on the forums) are a real laugh, so I hope there's going to be time left for scrapping!

I'm going to fly out of Albury too, so that'll save a bit of time in avoiding the added cost of breathing apparatus for entering the capital Swine Infecting Metropolis. Great minds must think alike though, because my fellow traveler is also embarking at Albury. Looking forward to getting there early. Will keep you posted...

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