Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Dog - How's this?

Well, how's this? I must be on a roll, here is my next post.

Well, I worked today - which was nice. As I am only casual i only get about 2 - 3 days a week, and as much as i like that i am also enjoying my work

I think today i will tell you about Sunny. Sunny is the phone call i received last Friday when i was about to walk out of work............... it's probably the worst kind of phone call a parent can receive.................
"Mum, he's so sad, and he followed us home, and he's got a tag but we don't know where he lives........... and he's so friendly - he's in the back yard and Shady (our dog) likes him and they're playing together, and he's really nice............ can we keep him?????" The sheer look on my face as i replayed the message warranted Liz (new said boss - but very nice boss lady.........) to ask "what's wrong?" Well nothing, but listen to this (through muffled laughs........), their father is going to kill them. (Me, I collected stray cats as a child, what can i say?)

Said dog seemed to be (very happily established in back yard playing with domesticated dog, and fed and watered) quite settled.

At first sight, the dog seemed to be a cross between a border collie and a whippet, with golden colorings, and was very friendly and affectionate. (Yep, I'm already sunk!) For lack of a given name we submitted to calling it "Sunny......" (Shady...........Sunny............ so I've got a sense of humour.............) I immediately felt sorry for it and started cooking pasta................ I think it's an italian man building thing?.......... He is SO skinny, and i doubted that the current owners deserved any rites what so ever to owning such a placid dog.

We kept Sunny here all weekend, where he played with Shady, the boys, and just wanted to put his paw on your knee and have cuddles.................. awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Before Blokey Man could exhale, he was told the dog was staying here until the owner called to pick it up. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Outnumbered 3 to 1. Well, with no response from said responsible owner, the brotherhood was sent upon to collect the dog for containment upon collection. This did not make me (US) happy, but we had to comply to the
bureaucratic red tape, and this meant enduring 9 days of confinement for the owner to comply to owner ship and responsibility of this poor animal........... Well, during that time - with the dog pound being across the road from ones premises of employment - the dog was visited daily with abundant morsals of food (ohhhhhh, poor dog - honestly he's SO skinny.............. rear hip bones sticking out!), and just heartbreaking to walk away from.

Yesterday was the day said "owner of responsibility" was supposed to collect the dog, and umpteen promises were made to have it picked up - because she wasn't available................ and it never happened. Today I called to collect Sunny, only to be told that the Red Tape of
Bureaucracy had extended to irresponsible ownership for a further 7 days in writing, which was a real hoot. Friggen dog had endured some awful frosts with minimal bedding, to be given another chance at being starved and mistreated.............. You can say I'm exaggerating, but the owner is a drop kick and the DOG deserves better.

By next MONDAY, we will know if Shady will have a play mate. I will be "EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED" if that so called owner collects the poor dog........... I would hate to work in a pound, I'd have a dozen dogs...........

So, today i went back to work, and work i did, flat out! I am trying NOT to let my job take over my life - as I have done in the past, but it seems to be a bit demanding. I am trying to implement ways to minimize the workload - but i know from experience that i need to be hands on for a while to sort that out. I hope i can help without interrupting my family life too much, and i know already that the owners are really decent people that will not apply too much pressure. I really am lucky.

Well, I think I'd like to upload one of my other "52 Pick Up" challenges - there is 52 after all, and it's ME we're talking about so I've got to get my A into G............... so here is one I've submitted earlier...... Details below.

This is a photo of my niece's daughter, Willow. She has, for some time, been referred to as "Pixie", to the point where she now thinks her name is Pixie!.. This seemed a great opportunity to demonstrate one of my 52 Pick Up layouts, and it actually covered two different sections, but i went with the stamping on alpha's. The photo is so natural, and she SO has her mother's pout - how could you NOT want to scrap that!? So, I am another challenge down, and very pleased with my dear niece's little cherub as part of my layout. I wonder if she knows she has another sibling in a future layout???????????



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